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Review: Does quick mean quality? Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail varnish

Time is a constant struggle of mine, so anything that promises to speed up my beauty routine is always a bonus – but does quick always mean quality?

I also dislike painting my nails, I’m too impatient and usually end up with smudges as a result of not waiting for them to dry. If I do take the time to paint them properly they end up chipped within 24 hours!

Because of this, my nails have recently been feeling the neglect. But having spotted Barry M’s new Speedy Quick Dry nail polishes, I was quick to pick one up and give it a try.

I chose the colour ‘Lap of honour’, a lovely pastel lilac – perfect for the summer months, and one of 15 shades to try. Barry M claim that it “dries at lightning speed for a perfect mani in seconds.”

The first thing to note is the new flat brush, which is a dream to use, as it gives more control and a steadier application, allowing you to get close the to nail edges and cuticles neatly.

The varnish, however, dragged a little giving a slightly uneven first coat but looked great after applying a second. For a deep colour I would recommend a third coat, I only applied two.

All in all, a good new launch from Barry M. The varnish absolutely dried quicker than other varnishes, including those that also have the same quick dry claims. The finish is good and even, and the process of applying two coats took less than five minutes.

You can pick up a Speedy Quick Dry varnish for just £3.99.

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