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How to treat adult acne with Epiduo

I’ve been struggling with problem skin for most of my adult life and while it hasn’t concerned me all that much it does seem unfair to battle with teenage spots in my 30s. After a recent bad bout of painful pimples along my jawline, I turned to Google for advice.

I wouldn’t usually advise on using the internet as a source for medical info but my intention was to seek the opinion of beauty bloggers and other trusted websites to find out what could be the cause and how to treat it.

It quickly became apparent, when considering my age, and the appearance and location of my breakouts, that this could in fact be linked to hormones and therefore skincare would only do so much to alleviate the problem.

With this in mind, I booked an appointment with my GP. The GP was great and advised that my ‘adult acne’ is likely to be hormone related but not concerning enough to warrant testing for PCOS and I was prescribed with Epiduo gel.

Epiduo gel adult acne treatmentI have since read some fantastic reviews and I, too, want to give an honest account of my experience using it.

The issues I have been experiencing with my skin, as mentioned earlier, are painful and large spots usually located on my jawline, neck, chin and cheeks, and can appear on my back and chest – see my before picture, not the greatest example as my skin was “ok” on this day but you can see some scarring. I have other skin concerns too, such as dehydration but the gel is not used to treat this.

IMG_0842IMG_0843The consistency, as you’d expect, is gel like and very smooth. I only need to use a very small amount as it spreads widely. My prescription advises on applying a thin layer to problem areas once a night, after cleansing and moisturising.

Within the first few days there was no noticeable difference and few new spots. Midway through the first week I experienced a stinging sensation after applying the gel too close to the delicate skin around my eyes. Avoiding this area I continued to apply the gel but the sensitivity spread towards the end of the week with my face tingling all over as I lay in bed, and applying moisturiser and make-up the following day was also uncomfortable. Because of this I decided to give my skin a break on day 7 for a couple of days and resumed the application using just the thinnest of covering to the areas of my face usually affected.

More than a month on my skin has absolutely started to look clearer and is no longer sensitive, there are very few pimples on the horizon but countering the positive affect my skin is very dehydrated and at times during the first weeks appeared flaky. I’ve therefore upped the water intake and have invested in an extra hydrating moisturiser which has done the trick. So far so good.

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