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Review: I found the fountain of youth in Bakel’s Jaluronic deep hydration serum

It’s only been recently that I have seriously committed to including serum as part of my every day routine and now that it has formed a habit I’m enjoying trialling and testing the many varieties.

Bakel’s Jaluronic deep hydration serum
Bakel’s Jaluronic deep hydration serum

The latest is the Jaluronic deep hydration serum by Italian skincare brand Bakel. It’s not cheap, costing almost £100 for 30 ml depending on where you purchase this – I’ll admit it, mine was a freebie included in the goodie bag of a recent event I attended.

Containing pure hyaluronic acid otherwise known as the ‘fountain of youth’, which is also naturally present in the human body, the serum guarantees the maintenance of perfect tone, elasticity and halts the signs of ageing. In fact the bottle suggests that 100% of the ingredients are active to give skin a visible brightness.

The serum is gel like and feels cool on the skin, almost melting into a water like substance that dries quickly enough for me to move on to applying my moisturiser of choice. My skin since using the serum definitely does feel more hydrated and soft to the touch.

All-in-all a great serum which complements my daily routine and my skin!

Bakel lists all UK stockists on its website.

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