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It’s the little things that make me smile

Over the years, I have learnt that it really is the little things that can make you smile and turn your day around. If you’re having a bad day, whether something rotten has happened or you are simply not feeling good, which happens, try and think of the little insignificant things that can have a significant impact on your mood and make you feel good again.

Here’s my list of life’s simple things to turn my frown upside down. Note, these are in no particular order (ha!)

1 – Enjoying a cool glass of Prosecco on a sunny summer’s day with girlfriends or the BF, even better when celebrating good news, but otherwise just as delicious.

Prosecco2 – Getting warm, sitting near a roaring log fire over the autumn and winter months, especially at Christmas. We invested in our wood burner just over a year ago and I couldn’t live without it. Not only does it smell divine and give you that truly cosy feeling that you can only get with a real fire, it really does kick out the heat and we only need to resort to the central heating in the thick of December and January.


3 – Green & Blacks hot chocolate made on the hob, enjoyed whilst wearing snuggly PJs in the winter, sprawled out on the bed and enjoying a good gripping book to read.

Green & Blacks Hot Chocolate

4 – Spending time with my lovely family and friends, not to mention the many dogs, cats and babies in my life, who are just as fun loving and bonkers as me.

imageThings that make me smile #1 image

5 – Relaxing in a hot bubbly bath, lights dimmed and candles lit, catching up on my favourite YouTube channels. Even better when adding Laura Mercier’s Crème Brulee Honey Bath and trying out my latest Birchbox goodies.


6 – Sipping multiple cups of PG Tips tea from my favourite mug catching up on trashy TV early on a Sunday morning.


7 – Food full stop. No seriously, I love food and pretty much will eat and enjoy everything. I like food to be seasonal so think rich meaty pies and casseroles in the winter, and fresh and flavoursome salads in the summer. Below is one of my favourites from Villandry at Bicester village, the goats cheese and beetroot salad.



8 – The feeling of smugness post exercise, ha! This is what I have to remind myself when struggling to get out of bed and out to a wet British Military Fitness session early on a Saturday morning! But the natural high you get from running around and breaking a sweat is undeniable and it means you can do more of the above without getting the guilts.


These are just a few of the things that make me feel good but there are so many more, music, how have I not mentioned music! For me, it’s really healthy to understand what makes you smile, after all who doesn’t want to have a smile on their face : )

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