Bride to be: Saving pounds with our save the dates

I’m getting married! Wahoo! Ok, so this is old news but still super exciting. It’s been over a year already since the lovely Benjamin proposed in York, which means our wedding is less than six months away. We have been busy planning the big day but I’ve not yet blogged about it and now I’m ready to share the journey with you.

Save the date
Save the date

The first post in this series that I’m titling ‘Bride to Be’ is about our save the dates and how we managed to make a bit of a saving on these.

Ben and I got engaged in November last year and shortly after agreed to get hitched in June 2016. While we agreed to postpone the planning to post Christmas festivities last year, we did agree a budget. Let’s just say that this agreed budget has massively gone out of the window!

However, we’re trying to reduce the amount we spend where we can and our first saving was had with our save the dates. There are thousands of companies that specialise in wedding stationery and don’t they charge for it! Don’t get me wrong, we saw some beautiful and creative designs but it didn’t add up to spend so much on ultimately a few pieces of card.

Instead we decided to design our own save the dates and get them printed as business cards. I’m not talking the average landscape business card; ours were square with rounded corners and matte print. We kept the design simple and in keeping with our wedding palette using Photoshop and by downloading a free font online.

We ordered the cards via who specialise in business cards and have all sorts of sizes, shapes and papers to choose from. You can also download a template to make designing in Photoshop that bit easier. And, because they’re not ‘wedding’ specialists we didn’t end up paying the ‘wedding’ price. We ordered 50 and it cost us £23.09 including delivery! We actually messed up with the first batch as we left the template guidelines on the artwork but reprinted a new batch free of charge, which was much appreciated.

To post the cards we ordered 50 mini square envelopes in pewter. The total for the cards, envelopes and print came to just over £50!

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