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Review: Perfect the perfectly undone look with TRESemmé’s sea foam

I would describe my hair has poker straight and pretty flat. This was great as a teen when it was the trend to straighten the life out of your hair, but it’s not what I want now.

Tresemme Perfectly Un-Done Sea Foam
Tresemme Perfectly Un-Done Sea Foam

There are so many shampoos, conditioners, and hair products out there that promise to lift the hair, give it body, and texture, and I have tried a lot. Some work quite well but many are a disappointment and there is quite often a pay-off for the extra body, such as stickiness and stiffness.

If you experience the same tress troubles as me, you’ll want to know about TRESemmé’s sea foam! I was lucky enough to receive a full size bottle in last year’s Beauty Awards goodie bag but due to my cynicism about these types of products it sat in my wardrobe – that’s where I keep my hair products and tools – for a good few months.

Now that I have tried it, I reach for it most days! The foam, which contains sea kelp extract, is part of TRESemmé’s perfectly (un) done range and is suitable for naturally straight hair like mine.

To use, I wash my hair and then, after towel drying, section off into small handfuls and apply 2-3 pumps of the foam – you must give the bottle a good shake first – from root to ends. I then dry with the hair dryer, hanging my hair upside down and scrunching the sections with my hands.

While the product doesn’t claim to be a body booster it works miracles on my roots giving them the lift I long for. Little shout out to Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo which also gives great lift and texture to my locks.

After using the product my hair also has lovely soft waves giving it more bounce, though these do drop a little throughout the day.

And, I am not the only fan in our household. Benji too often uses this in place for his usual products to style his hair.

If you want natural-looking waves and a boost of body, you can get your hands on the TRESemmé wave creating sea foam from most high street drug stores for about a fiver.

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