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Bride to be: Getting wedding fit with British Military Fitness

To ensure that we are wedding ready in June, Ben and I have upped the amount of exercise that we do and are trying our best to eat healthily. Our diet is pretty good anyway, but we admittedly got a little lazy over the past six months with our fitness, but now we’re back on track.

Cheryl & Ben
Cheryl & Ben

For starters, we have both started running again! This is harder than it should be for me and I’m kicking myself! I ran the London Marathon last April but up until recently hadn’t been for a run for months and it feels like I’m starting all over again! I’ve also signed up for Les Mills On Demand which allows you to watch and take their classes from home.

But the best thing that we have done is join our local BMF: British Military Fitness group. We started back in October and signed up for a one class a week membership.

BMF classes are almost all held outside and led by military trained fitness experts. For some this might sound horrendous but I need someone to shout at me to make me work hard. The group is split into three levels, we’re in the blue group which is the easiest and we should really move up to the next level – maybe in a few weeks!

I will admit since the weather has got cooler and the nights are darker I don’t always look forward to it but I always feel great after. We go to the session at the Coventry Memorial Park usually on a week night after work which consists of running around, with lots of leg work. Sometimes I go on a Saturday, which is fun because the daylight allows us to use different equipment such as tyres and weights.

Muddy trainers
Muddy trainers

I’m sure it is doing us good but I have only this past week took my measurements and weighed myself – the last time I weighed myself was about a year ago! But I’ll report back with my results soon. If you don’t like getting cold, wet and muddy this might not be for you!

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