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Review: On a mission to get perfectly defined brows before the wedding

My wedding is less than six months away – eek! But I have been busy preparing for months now. One of the things that I’ve been working on is my eyebrows. For years I have plucked my eyebrows and over time they had got quite thin and rounded.

It was only when completing my foundation make-up artistry qualification at the Central School of Make-up last year that I learned the formula for perfectly arched brows to compliment any face shape.

Knowing this, I had no choice but to start growing mine out and getting them reshaped. So that my brows are how I want them for the wedding I have been going for HD Brow treatments. The first appointment was in early July last year and I’ve been going back every 4-6 weeks.

The treatment lasts about twenty to thirty minutes and consists of four to five steps. I get mine done at Nicola Smyth hair salon in Leamington Spa and pay £25 for each treatment.

Using the formula that I mentioned earlier, the treatment starts with measuring your brows and waxing them into shape. The brows are then tinted; I have gone slightly darker than when I first started having the treatment but it still looks really natural and goes with my current hair colour. I’m growing out my natural colour, dark blonde, at the roots until the wedding, as I want to give my hair a rest from being highlighted so that it’s in better condition.

Once tinted, the threading technique is used to remove any fine and shorter hairs, lastly the eyebrows are trimmed, and if there are any stray hairs these are plucked using tweezers.

Between each treatment I let my brows grow out again so that there is even more hair next time to perfect the shape. I will admit that it’s really tempting to get the tweezers out but since the first treatment over six months ago I can really see a difference and the shape is almost there. And most of the time my brows just need a little pencil to shade any sparse patches and to give a little more definition.

Here’s a quick snap from Saturday, a few days after my latest treatment.

My brows lighter

And here’s a closer look at before and after!

Brows before treatment
Brows before treatment
HD Brows
HD Brows post treatment

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