Bride to be: big, beautiful and blousy blooms

When I think of beautiful weddings, I think of gorgeous flowers. Some of the weddings I’ve been to recently have kept things simple with single stem bouquets and minimal floral arrangements. I want want big and blousy flowers at mine.

Flowers 1We don’t have a theme as such, but the venue has lots of lavender in the garden so colour wise we have opted for mainly creams and greens, with dusky purples to set the tone for our flowers.

The flowers I like have beautiful big blooms, metalina or amnesias roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. And I have been busy stockpiling mercury silver vases of all sizes and shapes to be filled with these for our tables.

We have met with two florists local to our venue in the Cotswolds and gave them this brief. Both were fantastic and we have chosen to go with Eden in Burford because they really showed that they understand the look and feel that we’re going for and their little shop was styled in a way I’d like for my home, lots of greys and candles burning.

We’re due to meet with the florist in a couple of months before the big day to look at the flowers, which I’m dead excited about. Already they have suggested a few additions, such as flowering mint and rosemary for the buttonholes, which will look stunning but also give off a lovely aroma.

Pinterest has been integral to my inspiration check out my wedding flowers board.

Flowers 2

I’d love to hear about your wedding flowers, whether married already, planning your wedding or dreaming about your big day, one day.

Flowers 3

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