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Review: Three new MAC purchases, two lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette

MAC has always been a staple brand in my make-up bag but I’ve not picked up anything new for a while, until recently that is. I have now rekindled my love for MAC with three recent purchases. The first two are lipsticks, which I wore on my wedding day, one in the day and one in the evening, and the second an eyeshadow palette.

MAC lipsticks in Faux and Show Orchard, and Amber Nine eyeshadow paletteMAC satin lipstick in Faux, £15.50 – this is an understated and pretty, muted mauve nude pink, which perfectly complemented my bridal make-up. The colour works well with softer eyes in the day but also paired with heavier, smokier eyes in the evening. MAC’s satin lipsticks have a creamy semi-matte finish which feel great on my lips, not drying like full matte lipsticks.

MAC amplified lipstick in Show Orchard, £15.50 – a favourite of Tanya Burr’s, this lipstick is bold and beautiful! I wore this very hot pink on the evening of my wedding – I love brights. Similar to the satin lipsticks, the amplified range have an even creamier finish, which is great as bright lipstick on dry lips is not a good look. Show Orchard is a striking colour so I wear with a simple eye, natural colour wash with a little black liner. The beauty of this lipstick is that you can apply it lightly, using your finger and finish with a little gloss or balm for a slightly muted, more daytime friendly version.

I had forgotten how much I love MAC packaging until these purchases too, the bullet shape makes application easy and the lid gives a real click when you close the product so you know you’re not going to find it floating around in the bottom of your hand bag.

MAC eyeshadow Amber Times Nine, £25.00 – I treated myself to this palette at Heathrow airport en route to our honeymoon – well if you can’t treat yourself to a few make-up purchases then, when can you? And paid £30.00 but I have spotted these on offer for £25.00 now.

My eyes are blue so I tend to opt for  cools and neutrals, with the occasional bronze and gold shades to make my natural colour pop. This palette has them all and contains a mixture of textures lending itself amazingly for daytime and evening looks.

  • Cozy Grey: Coolgrey (Matte)
  • Kitties: Pale bronze (Frost)
  • Georgia Peach: Dirty rose pink (Matte)
  • Ricepaper: Peachy gold with shimmer (Frost)
  • Creative Copper: Light beige (Lustrel)
  • Cork: Muted golden brown (Satin)
  • Don’t Tell: Sparkly brown (Lustre)
  • Aromatic: Matte brown (Matte)
  • Pepper Please: Sparkly bronze copper brown (Velvet)

Each shade has a great colour pay-off and are all very  blend-able. I pretty much only wore shadows from this palette for the whole two weeks away and I’m still applying daily now!

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